CCPaSEC Sites Data

Teams collect data on temperature, stream flow, pH, conductivity, nitrates, dissolved oxygen, sulfates, and phosphates monthly. Macro-invertebrate counts and water quality scores are determined twice a year.

Datasheets for the Chemical / Physical Data and Biosurvey Data can be accessed by clicking the links below.

*Data has been validated through December 2020.
*Read  “How to Print Parameter Graphs and Values” for directions to print out the parameter values and graphs for a site.

Chemical/Physical DataBiosurvey Data
Non-Marcellus Sites 
Bald Eagle Creek FisherBald Eagle Creek Fisher 
Bald Eagle Creek Milesburg Bald Eagle Creek Milesburg 
Bald Eagle Creek Port Matilda Bald Eagle Creek Port Matilda 
Bald Eagle Creek Unionville Bald Eagle Creek Unionville 
Buffalo Run Benner Park Buffalo Run Benner Park 
Buffalo Run Kolln Buffalo Run Kolln 
Elk Creek Millheim Elk Creek Millheim 
Elk Creek Millheim Narrows Elk Creek Millheim Narrows 
Galbraith Gap Run Galbraith Gap Run 
Halfmoon Creek – Hughes Halfmoon Creek – Hughes 
Halfmoon Creek – Marengo Bridge Halfmoon Creek – Marengo Bridge 
Halfmoon Creek – Weaver Halfmoon Creek – Weaver 
Lick Run Lick Run 
Little Fishing Creek Bridge Little Fishing Creek Bridge 
Little Fishing Creek Tice Little Fishing Creek Tice 
Little Marsh Creek Church S2 Little Marsh Creek Church S2 
Little Marsh Creek Hughes S1 Little Marsh Creek Hughes S1 
Moose Run 330MR Rd Moose Run 330MR Rd
Moose Run Milesburg Moose Run Milesburg
Muddy Creek Penns Creek RdMuddy Creek Penns Creek Rd
Muddy Creek Reeder RdMuddy Creek Reeder Rd
Sinking Creek Colyer Lake DownstreamSinking Creek Colyer Lake Downstream
Sinking Creek Colyer Lake UpstreamSinking Creek Colyer Lake Upstream
Sinking Creek RamseySinking Creek Ramsey
Slab Cabin RunSlab Cabin Run 
Sparrow Run LowerSparrow Run Lower
Sparrow Run Upper BridgeSparrow Run Upper Bridge
Wallace Run SGLWallace Run SGL
Wallace Run RT 144Wallace Run RT 144
Marcellus Region Sites 
LHU Data – Beech Creek Watershed Marcellus Sites 
Beech Creek – Monument Beech Creek – Monument
Big Run Big Run 
Council Run – K-O Rd Council Run – K-O Rd 
Eddy Lick Run Eddy Lick Run 
Hayes Run – ORV Hayes Run – ORV 
Jonathan Run Jonathan Run 
Little Sandy Run – Hatchery Little Sandy Run – Hatchery 
Monument Run – Monument Monument Run – Monument 
North Fork Beech Creek-Clarence Rd North Fork Beech Creek-Clarence Rd 
North Fork Beech Creek-Pancake Rd North Fork Beech Creek-Pancake Rd 
Panther Run – Clubhouse Rd Panther Run – Clubhouse Rd 
Salt Lick Run Salt Lick Run 
Sandy Run – Kato-Duriston Rd Sandy Run – Kato-Druiston Rd
South Fork Beech Creek- Rte 144 South Fork Beech Creek- Rte 144 
Spring above West Branch-Big Run Spring above West Branch-Big Run 
Trib to Council Run Trib to Council Run 
Twin Run Twin Run 
Two Rock Run Two Rock Run 
West Branch Big Run West Branch Big Run 
Wolf Run – Panther Rd. Wolf Run – Panther Rd. 
Wolf Run – State Line Wolf Run – State Line 
Inactive Sites 
Bald Eagle Creek – ERPA Bald Eagle Creek – ERPA
Bald Eagle Creek – JulianBald Eagle Creek – Julian
Beauty Run Kato RdBeauty Run Kato Rd
Buffalo Run Carsons Buffalo Run Carsons
Elk Creek Site 2 (Mill) Elk Creek Site 2 (Mill) 
Elk Creek – Stovers Gap Elk Creek – Stovers Gap – No Biosurvey Data Sheet
Halfmoon Creek – Llama Farm Halfmoon Creek – Llama Farm
Moshannon Creek – Drifting Moshannon Creek – Drifting – No Biosurvey Data Sheet
Moshannon Creek – Osceola Mills Moshannon Creek – Osceola Mills – No Biosurvey Data Sheet
Sandy Run – Kato Rd Sandy Run – Kato Rd
Sinking Creek BartonSinking Creek Barton
Spring Creek – Comm Bridge Spring Creek – Comm Bridge – No Biosurvey Data Sheet
Spring Creek – Paradise Spring Creek – Paradise – No Biosurvey Data Sheet
Spring Creek – Rockview Spring Creek – Rockview – No Biosurvey Data Sheet
Spring Creek – Shiloh Spring Creek – Shiloh – No Biosurvey Data Sheet
Sterling Run – Reservoir Rd Sterling Run – Reservoir Rd
Sterling Run – Spring Run Sterling Run – Spring Run