CCPaSEC members are divided into 14 teams of three to five members to monitor streams in the Centre County watersheds. CCPaSEC’s schedule and interesting procedures have drawn members of various backgrounds.

Monitoring Sites

Sites are located at streams in the county’s five main watersheds and are monitored by CCPaSEC for Physical/Chemical (P/C) Data, Habitat Assessment, and Biosurveys (Macroinvertebrate Surveys).


Teams collect data on temperature, stream flow, pH, conductivity, nitrates, dissolved oxygen, sulfates, and phosphates monthly.  Macro-invertebrate counts and water quality scores are determined twice a year.

The mission of the Centre County Pennsylvania Senior Environmental Corps (CCPaSEC) is to develop and to support teams of senior citizens who gather and publish data on the quality of water in the streams of Centre County. Through public outreach, with the assistance of the ClearWater Conservancy, the Centre County Conservation District and other environmentally concerned organizations, CCPaSEC seeks to keep the public informed of the importance of clean water and how the management of our civil and natural resources affects the quality of streams in the county.

CCPaSEC is Supported by the Following Organizations

ClearWater Conservancy, the RSVP of Centre County, PA and the Centre County Conservation District are the primary sponsors for CCPaSEC and provide additional support.

Providing additional funding for special equipment:

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy: This grant program was administered by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy in commitment to its core mission of conserving Pennsylvania’s diverse ecosystems through science-based strategy, leadership, and collaboration.

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